The New MSMA

Annual session is one of the highlights of the Mississippi State Medical Association’s calendar. The presidential inauguration and gala never disappoint. But let me tell you… this year was on a whole different level. This year, they chose to celebrate Women in Medicine in an entirely separate event. Jill Gordon and co went all out. The anticipation for the event was high. It was the chatter of the medical community.

“Are you going to the gala?”

“Do you have extra tickets?”

“I can’t wait!”

“Are you getting hair and make up done?”

“What does your dress look like?”

Insert the girliest glam talk here.

And if any of you know me well, you’re probably laughing at this point because you know this is not my jam. I do not do parties and galas and formal dresses and make up.

Usually there are disappointments when expectations are high, but this event surpassed all of the expectations. It was very well done. Everything was perfect down to the red carpet entry.

Photobombed by President Dr. Mansour!

But the fun didn’t end there! The presidential dinner and gala was the next night. I got to see Dr. Michael Mansour pass the torch to Dr. Clay Hays.

The next morning was the awards ceremony. I was honored to be a member of the MSMA physicians leadership academy this past year and I was awarded 2019 Doctor of Distinction.

If the past year has taught me anything, it has been to step out and be bold. Get uncomfortable. Get your glam on. I had so much fun. I met so many new friends. Looking forward to the next celebration! If you are a physician and not involved with the MSMA, you are missing out on so many wonderful opportunities. Join us in moving medicine forward in Mississippi!

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