2019 Reading Challenge: May

I have officially come out of my Reading slump. 9 books in May! 6 days of vacation helped tremendously in this accomplishment.

The Heir (audiobook free from Libby via Madison County Library): 4⭐️

See below: The Crown.

The Crown (audiobook free from Libby via Madison County Library): 4⭐️

The Heir and the Crown run together. I listen to them back to back over just a few days so I can’t quite remember where one ends and the other begins. They were just as good as the first three books of the selection series, though the main character drives me insane with her unawareness of self at times.

The Dispatcher (free audible original): 4⭐️

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was a plot unlike any I’ve read. Short listen. Definitely not for kids. Quite a bit of language and a dark theme.

The Demon Next Door (free audible original): 2⭐️

It filled a time gap I needed it to fill, but was well done at all. The narrator was all wrong for this one. It was like having Elmo narrate a true crime documentary. It could’ve been decent, but your tone, your tone is all wrong *in my best Paul Walken voice*.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin (free kindle book with Amazon Prime Reading): 4.5⭐️

This is a classic that everyone should read. We need to be reminded of our past in order to gain a vantage point for looking into the future. You cannot move forward blindly, you need to see how far you have come. The past can give your direction.

Go Set a Watchman (audiobook free from Libby via Madison County Library): 4⭐️

People complained that this book was so different from To Kill a Mockingbird, but I think this is so relevant. People are not always who we think they are. We put people on a pedestal and hold them to the highest expectations. Who is at fault when they fall? Is it our human idols’s fault? Or is it us for putting them up on the pedestal?

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (audiobook free from Libby via Madison County Library): 4⭐️

Incredibly interesting true crime that is very well done. There is closure at the end, but it is both incredibly sad and relieving.

The Ragged Edge of Night ( audiobook free from Kindle Unlimited): 5⭐️

Ever wonder what the Germans thought about Hitler? All the WWII historical fiction I read is from Allies point of view. This one is about a German. It’s a beautifully written story.

Robert Frost- Selected Poems (Barnes and Noble leather bound classics): 1⭐️

I hate poetry. Bleh.

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