2018 Reading Challenge: Books 79-84

A River in the Darkness (audiobook): 3⭐️

What a miserable life. I can’t believe this occurred in my lifetime…

Praying Circles Around Your Children: 4⭐️

i literally read this in about 3 hours. It was encouraging. I feel like a failure as a parent regularly in this area, and definitely found this book helpful.

A Court of Thorns and Roses (audiobook): 4.5⭐️

This was a fun quick read. If you’re into fantasy worlds and fairies and the like… this one is for you. Stay far away if you’re into non-fiction.

The Nutcracker: 4⭐️

Fun little Christmas classic. Got it for $5 at B&N and it is a beautiful leather bound book! I never knew the actual nutcracker story. Glad to finally know what it is all about!

The Christmas Hirelings (audiobook): 3⭐️

Someone tried to write a Christmas classic with the feel of a Jane Austen or the Bronté sisters book. Meh.

Jingle Bell Pop (audiobook): 3⭐️

Interesting perspective and tidbits on the sounds of the holiday season. Not really worth a purchase, however.

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