2018 Reading Challenge: Books 71-78

Crucial Conversations: 5⭐️

I had to read this for a leadership class. I feel like this ought to be required reading for a marriage license. Great tools taught in this book.

Peter Pan: 2⭐️

Creepy. Peter Pan is a punk. Poor Wendy. I started reading this aloud to Coy, but had to quit when Tinkerbell started cursing Peter and then attended a fairy orgy. Srsly…. don’t read it. Especially don’t read it to your kid.

Christmas Eve 1914: (audiobook) 3⭐️

Cool story. Neat narration. Glad it was free though.

Selected Poems from Emily Dickenson: 1⭐️

Poor Emily would’ve benefited so much from Zoloft or Prozac. This book was like pulling teeth. I got my book of poetry marked off the reading challenge with great difficulty- thanks Modern Mrs. Darcy for the 2 weeks of melancholy.

I Am Watching You: (kindle) 3⭐️

This type of book is just not my jam. It wasn’t terrible, but I just don’t like being creeped out. The world is creepy enough without giving me more things to be creeped out about.

The Kitchen House: (audiobook) 5⭐️

This may have been my first pre-Civil War historical fiction and it was excellent.

Of Mess and Moxie: (audiobook) 5⭐️

I laughed so hard on my commute every day. She is the narrator which makes it even better. Lord have mercy, this may make the top 5 of 2018. 🤣🤣🤣

The Unkillable Kitty O’Kane: (kindle) 4⭐️

I think this was a free book from amazon prime first reads. It was unexpectedly entertaining. Initially I thought it was going to be a book with some hidden socialist and feminist agenda, but I was wrong.

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