2018 Reading Challenge: Books 62-70

From Sand and Ash (audiobook): 4 Stars

I never learned much about the Italian front of WWII and consequently, I never learned the stories of catholic priests and nuns helping Jews escape German controlled France. This was an incredible story.

Paper Towns (audiobook): 2.5 stars

I gave this 3 on my goodreads. I didn’t leave a review immediately because I didn’t want to be too harsh of a judge, so I opted to ponder this book a few weeks before critiquing. (Plus I watched the movie right after and it was terrible.) I never thought about the book again. Books that don’t make me think about them later, weren’t worth reading.

Firefly Lane (audiobook): 3.5 stars

The last 1/3-1/4 of the book was very good. Tully got on my nerves. Kate was a saint. I dread the teenage years after reading this. But love is all that matters.

The Good Earth (kindle- free on Prime Reading): 3 stars

It was a free classic I had never read. I needed a kindle book and this was the shortest classic they had. I trudged through this one slowly. I didn’t like it as I was reading it, but I’ve actually thought about it more and more since finishing. The fall of the house of Hwang and the rise of the house of Wang…. its just classic. And I see it happening every single day in real life.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (audiobook): 5 stars

Oh my goodness. If you love books and you love WWII historical fiction but don’t need something that is too heavy, chose this. It was great and the narration was on point. It make me want to go visit Guernsey.

Beneath a Scarlet Sky (audiobook): 5 stars

Considered historical fiction because it is heresay… but its the true story of Pino Lella. And a remarkable story it is! MUST READ before it comes out in theaters!

Twain’s Feast (audiobook): 4 stars

This wasn’t the most riveting audiobook I’ve ever listened to, but it was VERY interesting. It was also free this month on Audible Originals.

If you like Mark Twain, the Mississippi River, food, and history… this is a great book for you. Want to know why turtle soup was a big deal back in the day? What is a prairie chicken? Why do we eat cranberry sauce on thanksgiving? What does raccoon taste like? What do these all have to do with American history? Let Nick Offerman tell you.

Norse Mythology (kindle-free on prime reading): 3 stars

I heard that if you watched the TV show Vikings, that this was very good. But I didn’t watch the show and it was just “aight”.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz (audiobook): 4 stars

This is a heavy book about how a Jewish man survived Auschwitz. It’s an excellent read.

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