2018 Reading Challenge: Books 1-5

My goal this year was to read 35 books. Every 5-10 books I try to post mini-reviews. My more detailed reviews are usually on my Goodreads profile (which is also shown in the footer of my blog). If you are interested, you can also join the Ask Your Internist group on Goodreads.

Hidden Figures (audiobook): 4*

This was not the best audiobook. I feel that it would have been much easier to follow the text. Even despite the struggle to keep up with the characters, it was very interesting!

Sanctuary of Outcasts: 3.5*

I gave this 3.5 stars at the beginning of the year, but I will have to say it is probably a 4 star rating. This book has stayed with me and I have thought back to several of these characters many times. This has unexpectedly stayed with me.

My Side of the Mountain (audiobook with Coy): 4*

I loved this book as a kid. I think that every kid dreams of growing up in the wild and living off the land. However, I am grateful for my pillow-top mattress and grocery store. Sleeping in a tree doesn’t sound that fun to me today.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (e-book): 4.5*

The way this is written pretty much necessitates that you read the actual text. Not an e-book. Not audiobook. The actual book. I think this would have improved my reading experience. I liked the book way better than the movie. The movie does not follow the plot of the book closely at all.

Great Expectations (Kindle book with audiobook whisper-sync): 2.5*

I really wish I could have those hours back. Sometimes I think that we call them classics just to feel like we didn’t waste our time.

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