Full Circle Fitness: Freestyle Fitness with Antonio Knight

This past week I sat down and talked with Antonio Knight, owner of Freestyle Fitness. He specializes in individualized fitness and nutritional plans for people and also more specialized coaching. I know he produces good results, because I’ve seen it in some of my patients! His clients experience weight loss, increased energy, decreased sugar levels, decreased blood pressure, and better cholesterol.

Antonio Knight got his start in fitness through his love for sports, particularly football. Knight was a versatile athlete who played three positions at Tuskegee University — strong safety, punter, and back up Quarterback.
After finishing his football playing career, Knight transitioned into coaching at Tuskegee University (TU) Tigers. He coached there for 5 seasons and then found himself in Jackson at Jackson State University (JSU). He coached with the Tigers football program for 10 seasons.  During that his coaching years, he served as the secondary defensive coach, special teams coach, and linebackers coach. He was also the recruitment coordinator for JSU while he was there. During Knight’s last three seasons at JSU, his linebackers were among the team’s leading tacklers. With more than 15 years of collegiate coaching experience, and eight years of nutrition and fitness training under his belt, Knight rears winners. He has used his experience in the sports arena to train and help his clients achieve their goals.


Antonio, how did you get into training and nutrition?

I started training over 15 yrs ago while coaching and being in a town without a fitness gym. At the end of each season I would train my senior defensive backs, getting them ready for the NFL combine or Pro Day. I’ve always been conscious about what I eat and drink, but I really started studying nutrition after my mother’s 2nd stroke, finding out my family’s history with diabetes and hypertension.

What do you love most about your job?

I love seeing the transformation of my clients physically, but most of all mentally, becoming more concerned with their way of eating and living. This is what I love most about my profession.

Explain to us what your clients usually come to you to accomplish?

My clients usually come to me to accomplish weight loss, fit test preparation, and a positive mindset change.

What services do you provide?

As owner of Freestyle Fitness 29, I offer Fitness training, Sport specific skills and agility training, Nutritional guidance, Meal prep, and Life coach.

Do you do personalized fitness programs and nutrition plans that people can take with them (for example- would my out of town patients be able to come to you and get a plan to take and do in their hometown where your type services are not available)?

Yes, I most definitely do personalized fitness programs and nutritional plans because no two people are the same (body types, surroundings, training availability, food preferences, and way of life).

You’re a pretty athletic dude and your site talks a little bit about your time at Tuskegee, but what were your greatest learning moments there?

My hear greatest learning moments at Tuskegee are learning to use what I had to reach unforeseeable goals whether on or off the field. Learning to adapt to my environment coming from fast pace Louisiana to small town Tuskegee.

As a former football coach, do you also help young athletes prepare for the next level?

Of course I do, that’s one of the ways I started my training passion. I’ve also trained professional basketball players.


What are your words of wisdom to someone who MUST lose weight for their health but are intimidated by the gym scene?

My words of wisdom would be, Freestyle Fitness 29 meets you where you are. You only get 1 time to live so why not invest in the one thing you’ll have the rest of your life which is your body! So I go to some of my clients until I build them up mentally.


You can get in touch with Antonio Knight. Simply choose your method of communication below!
IG: @Freestylefitness29
Facebook: Freestyle Fitness 29
Phone: 601.862.4787

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