2018 Reading Challenge: Books 31-35

I’ll continue my trek backwards through my 2018 reading list!

Books 31-35:

Storied Life of AJ Fickry (audiobook): 4.0⭐️

This was an unexpected book. I really hated the beginning. I was wanting to prescribed an antidepressant to the main character and it was driving me crazy. It didn’t take long for it to pick up though!

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper (audiobook): 4.25⭐️

This was a fun lighthearted book. Perfect example of how we never stop learning about our spouses, even when they’re gone, and personal growth knows no age.

Forgotten God: 4⭐️

Francis Chan… not as good as crazy love, but still very relevant. Convicting for sure.

The Good Soldiers (audiobook): 2⭐️

It was actually very well written but I could not handle it. It is intense and the language is rough. It’s not terribly political. It’s extremely descriptive and I felt like I was watching a movie as he read (I did the audiobook).

Daughters of the Night Sky (audiobook): 3.5⭐️

Easy WWII fiction. There are better ones to read than this. I didn’t waste my time, but I can not recommend it over the many incredible historical fiction novels I’ve read in the last year.

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