2018 Reading Challenge: Books 41-49

One of my hobbies is reading. I was the 2 time champion of the summer reading program at the Glen Allen public library when I was a kid. So there were only 3 of us in the program, but still… I LOVE books.

I took a hiatus from reading for fun during college, medical school, and residency. There was no time for reading for fun. I spent plenty of time reading pathophysiology, pharmacology, and other thrilling texts such as Harrison’s Internal Medicine. I am pretty sure the only book I read that was not a textbook was an assigned reading of Sherlock Holmes for our Intro to Clinical Medicine course by Dr. Jimmy Stewart.

Since I finished residency, I have resumed my hobby with gusto. I am on Goodreads (see link at bottom) in order to keep up with my Read and Want to Read lists. My goal this year was to read 35 books. Thanks to Audible, I have surpassed this goal easily. I am up to 51. I usually post my reviews in batches. I will go back and catch you up each week until you are up to speed!

Books 40-49:

Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado: 3.5*

This is your typical Lucado book. Easy read or listen, quotable lines, but a little redundant. Great for someone who struggles a little with anxiety, but for those of you who grapple with it daily- don’t expect this to bring any major breakthroughs for you.

Why I Hate Green Beans: 3.5*

Great book for those who struggle with physical appearance insecurities and/or single Christian folks who are tired of people asking them when they’re going to get married. The author is hilarious. She also loves the bachelor so maybe I should give it 4*.

A Tale of Two Cities: -2*

I hated it in high school and I hate it now. It is still the worst of times.

The Outlander: 5*

I just love historical fiction. I’m not going to elaborate because you’ve probably already seen the TV show which is probably nothing like this wonderful book.

In Shock: 5*****

I LOVED this book. A critical care doctor who has personally experienced all types of shock except neurogenic and lived. Now SHE can teach you about empathizing with your patients. She has changed the way I practice. Note: this is not just a book for health care professionals… this is just an amazing story.

An American Marriage: 4*

My initial reaction to this book was “meh” but after thinking about it for a few days, I think it’s 4 for sure. It’s complicated and I’m not sure what to think about it, but I think that’s the point.

The Selection, The Elite, and the One: 5*

I am a sucker for young adult dystopian fiction and I love the bachelor. This is like hunger games meets the bachelor, minus Chris Harrison.

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