Meet the Family

While being a physician brings me great joy, the greatest joy in my life comes from my family. Being a mother has been the most incredible journey. I could not ask for a better partner to parent these kiddos with than my husband and best friend Nicholas.

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Nick is a lawyer by training and a pastor by choice. Our best friends joke that I save lives and he saves souls. He loves what he does and he lives what he believes. He is the most helpful and amazing man and is an incredible dad to our two rascals. I am so wonderfully blessed to have him beside me. We have been inseparable since we started dating. We don’t usually do “guys nights” and “girls nights” because frankly, things are just not as fun without him around and I am pretty sure he feels the same way about hanging out with me. He and I both love to be active. As we have gotten older and acquired more responsibilities (ahem… kids), we have had to be more creative in combining hobbies and quality time. Most people go on dates to the movies or nice restaurants, but Nick and I wake up at the crack of dawn to bike 30 miles on the back roads of Madison County.

We have two kids, Coy (4) and Kennedy Vale (1). My regular patients always ask how my babies are doing. I love to show pictures of them to my patients.

Coy loves to come to work with me and help me “make patients better”. Several lucky patients have been able to meet him on one of the days that he has been successful with those big brown puppy eyes and convinced me to bring him to the clinic. Coy is named after my grandfather Coy. They are two peas in a pod, just like I was with Big Coy when I was little. Coy is an excellent big brother and loves his little sister so well. Coy is also a big sports fan and you can always find him out in the front yard cheering on the neighborhood joggers and playing baseball with his dad.

Kennedy is named after my other grandfather Kenneth. Her middle name Vale, means from the valley. We had a miscarriage between Coy and Kennedy, so after traveling through that valley, we were blessed with our baby girl. Her initials are KVC, which were my initials before I married. I was so excited when I found out I was having a girl. All my friends that have little girls told me how quiet, gentle girls are. Well, this girl broke the mold.  Kennedy also means “helmeted chief”. This girl is SPUNKY to the max. She is “very aggressive” as her big brother says.

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We have two dogs as well. Uno (10) the rat terrier and Moose (1) the boxer.

Uno is Nick’s dog and was around before I came along. He isn’t a big fan of me since I took Nick’s attention away from him. He tolerates me at best. He is an odd little dog and doesn’t like to play. I think of him more as our “house cat” since he basically perches on the back of the couch to keep away from the kids and Moose.

We got Moose for Coy a couple of months after Kennedy was born (terrible idea, don’t ever get a puppy if you have a newborn). Coy is not a huge fan of Moose’s big boxer tongue and Moose has pretty much “imprinted” on Kennedy. For those who are not familiar with the Twilight series, Imprinting is a phenomenon in which two souls (one of which is a werewolf soul) are inexplicably and unavoidably attracted to one another. Kennedy is his person. Do not get between that dog and his girl.

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One thought on “Meet the Family

  1. Dr. Crawford, thanks for all of your hard work. This blog is exactly what so many physicians have been wanting. We want our patients to know that we are still here, that we have real lives and that we believe our careers in medicine and the years we devoted to medical school and residency matter. We love our patients and view our medical careers as callings. Thanks again.

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