Welcome to Ask Your Internist!

Ask Your Internest with websiteWhat is the purpose of this blog?

  • I desire to create a place for my patients, friends, and family to access reliable and applicable medical information. There is so much bad information on the web. In a sea of online voices, very few are reliable. I battle against medical myths and bad home remedies that people get from the internet on a daily basis.  I have nothing to sell, and I strive to provide unbiased advice for my patients. Also… the flu shot will not give you the flu. More on that later.
  • I will accept suggestions from readers on topics to write about, but I will not be answering direct questions. If you have a medical concern or question, please seek out advice from your physician.
  • If you are my patient, please respect doctor-patient boundaries and call us during office hours or make an appointment. (I love you all, but this is a hobby and I’m not opening that can of legal worms.)
  • Please use this information to help you in your journey to become healthy, but this is not intended to treat or diagnose conditions. This is in no way an appropriate substitute for an actual visit with your physician.

**This is not a blog intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions, but to be a resource for information. If you have a medical concern, please contact your primary care physician.**

Why would you spend time doing this?

  • See above. I battle bad information on a daily basis. It bothers me to the core when I see my patients getting off track due to bad information that they read online.  (Side note: check your facts before sharing an article on Facebook.)
  • I had a blog in medical school. I enjoyed writing, and I miss it. This is somewhat therapeutic for me.
  • I also love to learn. You can’t make it through medical school without this particular hobby. I hope to learn new things and practice strategies to help me help my patients as I go along.

What type of information can I expect to find here?

  • I plan on posting topics in medicine, recipes, and  tips for living a healthy lifestyle.
  • I also plan to share some of my experiences. You may get a post on an incredible book that had a significant impact on me . You may see me post about a great local coffee I tried. You may get to hear about a workout class I went to try out. You’ll absolutely hear a funny story about my kids! This is supposed to be educational for my readers, but also a bit of therapy for me!
  • I also have friends who are doing some really incredible things across the world. I plan to do several interviews a year so that I may learn about their missions and ministries and I will share them with my readers!

Who will be posting?

  • Naturally, I will be writing the majority of the posts. Usually in a Q&A format. In this world of twitter length attention spans, I will try to keep my answers concise, yet fully informative. That is not always possible, so be patient with me.
  • Occasionally, I will ask a physician colleague to do a guest post in their area of expertise.
  • I am also looking for advice from nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, yoga instructors, etc. Anyone who is considered an expert in promoting a (medically proven) healthy lifestyle may wind up posting! I want there to be plenty of variety for my readers.



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